Here is my second posted lesson. Designed for the Intermediate WaterColor Artist. This is titled Wine Country Workers and is 16″x20″

Start with a simple outline drawing in pencil. I paint the largest areas first. with clear water one at a time before applying paint. I use flat brushed and dip one side into a color and the other side in a different color. Example: Foreground hills are red on one side and orange/tan on other, Let the moisture of the paper help you mingle the colors, using as few strokes as possible.Proceed to the smaller areas then let everything dry. Come back i with brighter colors where you want and add the darks. I use a mixture of Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue mixed together for many of my darks.Add details but don’t over do it. Good Luck

Here is my first posted lesson. Start to finish on my watercolor  painting titled Three Palms It is 16″x20 and is available for sale. See pricing page for cost. ENJOY

Start with high quality  brushes large as possible, I use #13 Round and 1, 1 /2,  2 and 3 inch flats. I use 140 lb Cold Press D’Arches Paper. My colors are limited to Alizarin Crimson Red, Ultra Marine Blue, Windsor Blue  and Windsor Yellow. I mix these to make greens, oranges, purples and browns. I mix the Alizarin Red and Ultra Marine to make my darks and black.

I put a  light coat of water on an area before I apply paint, I often lightly mix the colors right on the page. Lightly like butterfly wings. Let one area dry, the proceed to the next. You can always come back and add details. Good luck, john